MarConsult Schiffahrt

An Introduction of the MarConsult Schiffahrt Shipping Company

We, the MarConsult Schiffahrt shipping company focuses on ship transport using container ships, feeder ships and multi-purpose ships. Our international network is extended with the assistance of our partners. Any carrier with global operations is our potential business partner. Reliable charterers guarantee a long-term utilisation of ships.

We can provide all the services of a modern shipping company under one roof. We handle all aspects such as navigation, technical provisions, crews, shipping services, operation, procurement and sale, bookkeeping, controlling, and investor services.

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Our Fleet

All types of vessels at a glance

Container ships

MarCliff · MarCloud · MarConnecticut · MarCarrier · MarCebu · MarCoiba · MarCaviana

Multipurpose Schiffe

MarChicora · MarMolokai · MarMactan · MarMadura · MarMalaita · MarMisool MarMuna · MarMorotai MarMaui · MarMakira · MarMindoro


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Our Location

MarConsult Schiffahrt (GmbH & Co.) KG

Gasstrasse 4 b – Halle K 5
22761 Hamburg – Germany

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