Investment options

We know the investor

and the investor knows us. Investment in ships are an exclusive investment requiring full confidence. At MarConsult shipping, the investor is a partner in a joint project. He knows its concept, he understands its implementation; might something not go according to his ideas, he is listened to. The circle of those who make influence with him is small. And MarConsult Schiffahrt also participates. We are all in the same boat. Together we invest in one asset. We buy a ship.

The Investment

Investments in ships have still a future.  Trade is global, the ship being its means of transport. More than 90 percent of international goods traffic is provided through ships. It is powerful, economical, environmentally friendly. It can navigate for more than 20 years. If the requirements change, it takes a new course. Our experience shows that, the investment in a ship assumes an enterprise decision as always. Ships also continue through difficult times.

We can be measured by our performance

The shareholders of the owner-managed MarConsult Schiffahrt company are not only the project’s initiators but also personally involved in it. We make no dubious promises. You are informed about changes and measures at any time. All insurable risks are insured.