Investment Oppurtunities

We know every investor

And every investor knows us. Ship shares are an exclusive form of capital investment. Investors with MarConsult are also partners to a common business cause. They know the concept, understand the implementation and get answers when things don’t run exactly as envisaged. It’s a small circle of people who are involved in an investment, and MarConsult is an integral part of that circle. We are all in the same boat. Together we invest in an asset.

Together we buy a ship.


The Investment

Ship shares are an investment for the future. Trade is global, ships are its means of transportation. The ship serves over 90% of international trade. It is powerful, economically viable, environmentally friendly and can operate for longer than 20 years.

Our experience has proven that with a long term perspective, investments in shipping have always delivered according to expectations.

A ship sails even through stormy times.


Judge us by our performance

The owners of the company are personally and financially engaged in the projects they initiate. Our word is our bond. Investors are always individually informed about changes made or measures taken on behalf of the investment.

All insurable risks are insured.