It all began in a back room…

Employment as a chartering broker was the place of birth of an idea to create something big. A desk, a telephone  and the simple philosophy that “this is going to work!” were the  modest beginnings. More than 30 years passed by so far. The back room has become a  loft office in Hamburg and 33 employees strive to take care of a highly  productive fleet.  Round about 600 mariners cross the seas and oceans to transport  goods to all corners of the globe. The two managing directors and their partners with in-depth knowledge of their profession have one goal in mind: MC-Schiffahrt.

An owner-led company

Mad Dabelstein, born in 1964, worked as a chartering broker in the middle of the 80’s in a shipping company in Hamburg after he did his education as a shipping businessman. 1990 he became the manager of MC-Schiffahrt, later he became co-shareholder and in 1995 sole shareholder. Mad Dabelstein is the strategist of the company. He analyses, structures and communicates outward, which route MC-Schiffahrt takes. Someone who answers the questions and is well informed on board.

Company Management

A team of experts

We know that strategy and motivation are the keys to efficient results. We understand that open communication is the condition for excellent performance; for that it’s obvious, that the head of the project development is closely liaising with the technical department, if it’s necessary.  Willingness labels our team. The seamen on board got trained in regular cycles. The crews are highly qualified. We get over 2500 e-mails a day. At the end of the day all of them are replied. Whoever sends us a question gets a response. All employees identify with our company in any way. Everyone is an expert in his sector, but understands the business of his colleagues. A strong companionship arises from this high expertise.

Mad Dabelstein
  • Maritime and Shipping Company Manager since 1982
  • Company Managing Director since 1990  Partner
  • In third generation active in shipping
  • Strategic orientation
  • Consulting
Eckhard Stieper
  • Technical manager and mechanical engineer since 1985
  • In our Company since 2006
  • Technical and Nautical Fleet Manager
  • Fleet management of docking, repairs, supervision of new buildings, technical purchasing, ISM, ISPS, fleet management, insurance processing
Marcel Becker
  • Degree in business administration and tax consultant since 1995
  • In our Company since 2014
  • Head of Finance and Accounting
  • Comprehensive experience as a tax advisor
  • Specialized in KG-structure and tax law
  • Long-term experience as Head of Finance at a listed fund-raising-house with an affiliated shipping company