The MarConsult Schiffahrt Shipping Company’s history

It began in a back room. Based on his work as an employed charterer, the idea of putting something together on his own was born. A desk, a telephone, and the conviction “this will be a success” were the modest inventory of a beginning. More than 30 years have passed since then. The back room has grown to a loft office in Hamburg. 33 staff members are employed here to deploy a powerful fleet. About 600 men go to sea and transport goods to all countries of the world. The owner and his partners have one goal: MarConsult Schiffahrt

An owner-led company

Mad Dabelstein, born in 1964, worked as a charterer in the middle of the 80’s in a shipping company in Hamburg after he did his education as a shipping businessman. 1990 he became the manager of MarConsult, later he became co-shareholder and in 1995 sole shareholder. Mad Dabelstein is the strategist of the company. He analyse, structures and communicates outward, which route MarConsult takes. Someone who answers to everyone and is well informed on board.

Company Management

Our staff provides the best expertise in their field

We are well aware that strategy and motivation lead to the most efficient work results. We also understand that open communication is a prerequisite for excellent competences; therefore it appears quite logical to us that the Head of Project Development will also provide their services to the Technical Department if the need occurs. Willingness – that is what our team excels in. The entire MarConsult team is trained based on a well-defined process. The crew of our fleet possesses the highest level of qualifications. We receive more than 2,500 emails each day. At the end of the day, they all bear the satisfying “Replied” symbol. If you submit your inquiry to us, you can be certain to receive a response since we are backed up by partners whose entire identity is characterized by the identity of MarConsult. Each and every one is an expert in their field, however they are still highly familiar with the work of their colleagues. The brilliant competences of individual partners come together to form a shipping company offering premium services.

Mad Dabelstein
  • Maritime and Shipping Company Manager since 1982
  • Company Managing Director since 1990  Partner
  • In third generation active in shipping
  • Strategic orientation
  • Consulting
Eckhard Stieper
Managing Director /Fleet manager
  • Technical manager and machine builder since 1985
  • In our Company since 2006
  • Technical and Nautical Fleet Manager
  • Planning and implementation of docking, repairs, supervision of new buildings, technical purchasing, ISM, ISPS, fleet management, insurance processing
Marcel Becker
  • Degree in business administration and tax consultant since 1995
  • In our Company since 2014
  • Head of Finance and Accounting
  • Comprehensive practice as a tax consultant
  • Specialized in international tax law and limited partnership models
  • Long-term experience as Head of Finance at a stock exchange-oriented issuing house with an affiliated shipping company
Jörg-Heiner Wulff
Head of Project Management
  • Maritime Company Manager since 1992
  • In our Company since 1994
  • Head of Project Management
  • Providing support to the partners in  Single-vessel companies
  • Planning, conducting and managing shareholder meetings
  • Reporting
  • Takeover of the management  of several single-vessel companies
Bernd Müller
Head of Chartering, Purchase, Sales & Operations
  • Shipping Company Manager since 1976
  • In our Company since 2006
  • Head of freighting/operations/purchasing and sales
  • Direct access to global shipping lines and charterers
  • New construction and project development
  • Continuous analysis of shipping and cargo markets
The Team
Complete management from a single source
  • Financial accounting, controlling, tax conception
  • Conception/consulting, project development, investor relations
  • Nautical and technical inspection,  Crew Management, ISM, ISPS, claims handling, registration and flagging, chartering, purchase and sales, operations