Inside MC

A Businessman Talks

“The time has come to enlarge our fleet”

How has MC-Schiffahrt started the New Year? How important is the entrepreneurial size in shipping? What do partners expect from their shipping company?

CEO Mad Dabelstein talks in an interview about new alliances, his expansion plans and possible investment opportunities.


It is a confession when your own child joins the company

The grandfather is a recognised shipping lawyer, the father a shipping merchant, who successfully led the only German liability insurance for seagoing vessels for 40 years and Mad Dabelstein, a shipping merchant and qualified shipping businessman and owner of the shipping company MarConsult (MC-Schiffahrt) – the Dabbelstein family has been active in shipping for many decades. Now in the fourth generation son Finn, also a shipping merchant follows this tradition and joins MC-Schiffahrt. What does that step mean for Mad Dabelstein, the company, the investors and the banker?


We do not just talk, but we are acting

The social project “brotZeit”, which means loosely translated “time for bread” or “time to eat”, provides 8000 needy kids in 200 schools with a free breakfast and other support daily. The founder and actress Uschi Glas, the former professional football player and co-founder Christoph Metzelder and the ship owner Mad Dabelstein will explain why “brotZeit” is so important to them and how they got involved.