MC & Ocean 7 make MCO7

To encounter the challenges of the international chartering markets in the multipurpose sector and to strengthen our position, we have newly founded a cooperation with our friends from Danisch MPP operator Ocean 7 Projects. OC7 is a well-established specialist in the MPP segment and is located in the Danisch shipping centers of Fredericia and Svendborg, maintaining a worldwide network and running side-offices in Spain, Italy, Thailand and Germany.

Earlier this year Ocean 7 staff joined our office to join forces with our chartering department. Together we have established the chartering plattform MCO7 to develop and implement tailor-made employment concepts for our fleet of MPP-vessels. Such concepts are driven by the joint expertise of both companies to the benefit of the vessels.

Three vessels of our ten MPP-vessels are already operated through our new MC07 plattform and the intention is to bring further MPP-vessels in. We are more than confident that the decision to join the forces with Ocean 7 is the right response to the challenges we are faced with in the present markets.