It all began in a back room…

The experience of working for a shipping company gave rise to the idea of establishing something myself.  A desk, phone and the belief that it would work, were all I had in the beginning.  More than 30 years have passed since then.  The back room has become a loft office in Hamburg. 33 employees work here to make sure we run a high-performance fleet. All our employees identify fully with the company. Also the round about 400 seafarers who sail with our ships to transport goods to countries all over the word. All crews undergo regular training. The fleet’s crews are highly qualified.

An owner-managed company

Mad Dabelstein, born 1964, trained as a shipping merchant and worked in the mid 80s as a chartering broker for a Hamburg based shipping company. In 1990 he became managing director of MarConsult Schiffahrt, at a later stage also a co-shareholder, and in 1995 sole shareholder. Mad Dabelstein is the company’s strategist. He analyses, designs and communicates the route taken by MC-Schiffahrt. Someone who is well informed on board and who gives you an answer to your questions.

Business management



Mad Dabelstein
  • Shipping agent since 1982
  • Managing partner since 1990
  • The third generation in shipping
  • Strategic focus
  • Consulting
Eckhard Stieper
CTO/ Managing Director
  • Technical business manager and master engineer since 1985
  • employed by the company since 2006
  • Fleet manager technical and nautical inspection
  • Planning and conducting dry-dockings, repair works, supervision for newbuilds, technical purchasing, ISM, ISPS, crewing,  insurance claims handling