MC-Schiffahrt is a family owned shipping company
which was founded in Hamburg in 1986.

The company is specialized on full management of dry cargo tonnage, i.e. container-,
multipurpose vessels and bulk carriers and operates its fleet commercially and technically in
world wide trades.

More than 30 years experience in fleet management including chartering/operation, sale &
purchase, technical maintenance, dry-docking and supervision as well as in financial matters
having a great deal of expertise in the shipping industry.

All shipping related matters are handled in-house within the various departments and are
taken with maximum care and by the fastest means.



– Chartering
– Operation
– Sale & Purchase
– Project development


– Supervision
– Maintenance/ Dry docking
– Crewing
– Insurance
– Third party management


– Reporting
– Controlling
– Final Accounts


MC-Schiffahrt’s operated fleet currently
consits of 17 vessels.


Mad Dabelstein


Shipping since 1982

Eckhard Stieper


Technical since 1985

Remo Schulz


Financials since 1999


Recent news from MC-Schiffahrt

Urgent news

It has been nearly six weeks ago that our vessel Marmalaita was attacked by Pirates whilst staying on roads of Douala / Cameroon waiting for berth. The pirates boarded the vessel and abducted eight of our 12 crew members from the vessel. Since than the crew was kept as hostages by the pirates.

After negotiations with the speaker of the pirates we could have finally achieved the safe release of our crew. All of them are unharmed and have arrived Frankfurt Airport on Sunday 22nd September, where CEO/Owner Mad Dabelstein and CTO Eckhard Stieper welcomed them.

We are so happy to announce that this terrible occurrence has finally brought to a positive end and that our crew is back to their families after such a frightening time.

We would like to thank all involved having supported and assisted us, to bringing this degrading and inhuman incident to a happy ending.



You will find our vacancies below. We look forward to receiving your application to lklemmer(at)mc-schiffahrt.de or to our postal address.

Financial Accountant (m/w/d)

Contact us using the following contact options.

MarConsult Schiffahrt (GmbH & Co.) KG
Gasstraße 4 b – Halle K 5
D-22761 Hamburg – Germany

P.: +49 (0) 40 380 20 40
F.: +49 (0) 40 380 20 410
M.: info(at)mc-schiffahrt.de